Towards Holistic Development

Unity Above Individuality

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Towards Holistic Development

Everybody is a Leader

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Towards Holistic Development

Holistic Wellness

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Towards Holistic Development

Embrace Humanity

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Towards Holistic Development

Lifelong Learning

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Towards Holistic Development

Green Revolution

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Reviving the Nation


FUTURE BANGLADESH is a program of Uttaran Foundation. It is working towards holistic & sustainable solutions through Innovation & IT-driven models for resolving all individual & national challenges to facilitate Bangladesh transforming into a fully developed nation.

Our Mission

Providing work-based training to the unemployed youth to ensure better livelihood

Providing a spiritual & life-skill based education to all to create self-actualized citizens

Our Vision

A dependable young generation devoid of self- centeredness, disorientation & charged with ideals, concentration & proactivity

A truly developed nation that leads & contributes to the world, gives innovative solutions to all the emerging global problems

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Our Working Areas

Eco Agriculture

  • Initiating green revolution in mega cities
  • Re-introducing the natural way of farming
  • Agricultural training for farmers & professionals
  • Eco Tourism & Hospitality

  • Loving nature through eco-tourism
  • Learning eco-system, symbiosis through tourism
  • Promoting the exquisite beauty of Bangladesh
  • Education & Training

  • Life skills based institutional Education
  • Elementary to Continuing Education
  • HR Development training & learning
  • Environment & Nature

  • Pollution & Plastic-free Bangladesh
  • Tree Plantation Mega Project
  • GMO-Free Food production
  • Humane Healthcare

  • Preventive Healthcare Campaign
  • Lifestyle Modification Support
  • Food & Nutrition Counselling
  • Industrial Technology

  • Proper Waste Management
  • Alternative Renewable Energy
  • Sharing resources & Community bonding
  • IT & Artificial Intelligence

  • Learning & Training through AI
  • Developing ‘Earth Friendly’ AI systems
  • IT solutions for environmental problems
  • Social Business

  • Developing new business ideas and scopes
  • Promoting the community model of business
  • Supporting start-ups & young entrepreneurs
  • Spiritual Development

  • Unfolding the true essence of a person
  • Arranging spiritual, motivational sessions
  • Helping individual to find the purpose in life

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    There are many exciting projects ongoing & many more to come. Our volunteers & innovative teams are working their hearts out for finding optimal solutions to different challenges in our country. However, we are generating ideas, taking initiatives, spreading hope within our capacity. To bring in holistic change & implement true development we need to join our hands. Don’t just expect the change to happen miraculously- be the change!
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      Services & Supports :

    • Receiving an invitation for events.

    • Joining awareness campaign

    • Participating in citizen dialogues.

    • Counselling & Mentorship support.

    • Business development consultancy.

    • Knowledge-based support

    • Beneficial financial partnership deals.

    • Angel investment & interest-free loan.

    Project ‘Agamir Bangladesh’!

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